Southern Appalachian Technical Services continues to bring an unparalleled level of expertise by changing the vector of technical rope work and industrial safety. The SATS team’s collective experience in the outdoor industry and public safety, brings original thought processes to ensure everyone onsite goes home to their family at the end of the day.

No matter the challenges a project may present, you can count on the SATS family to bring the ability to ensure its success. All team members are dedicated to keeping projects within compliance by staying up-to-date with current applicable standards including SPRAT, OSHA, and ANSI.

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Technical rope work

Utilizing rope access allows SATS teams the ability to provide cost effective and lower impact options to areas of limited access including permit required confined spaces.

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Industrial Safety

Industrial rescue teams are comprised of experienced EMTs and Paramedics providing OSHA Compliant Confined Space Technical Rescue, industrial rescue standby, and preventative safety services.

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Instructional Programs

Confined Space Authorized Entry, Confined Space Authorized Entry and Rescue, Confined Space Refreshers, and Industrial Rescue courses are tailored to meet specific needs.

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