Southern Appalachian Technical Services mission has flourished over the years with the core value of family being at the forefront of continual growth. The SATS team’s collective experience in the outdoor industry and public safety, bring original thought processes to ensure everyone onsite goes home to their family at the end of the day. Changing the vector of technical rope work and industrial safety has been SATS’ driving force to provide an unparalleled service since its conception. Over 20 years ago, before many of the current industry standards SATS team members began creating original thought processes for technical problem solving; whether within the steep creeks of the Southern Appalachian Mountains or as career firefighters. 

Now, along with standards (such as SPRAT) teams are applying their own processes in collaboration to create an unmatched service. All team members have the training, knowledge, and true understanding to ensure compliance with OSHA and SPRAT Safe Practices. Certifications held by SATS’ technicians include but are not limited to National Professional Qualifications Rope and Confined Space Technician, SPRAT, OSHA Compliant Confined Space Technical Rescue, First Aid & CPR, Hazmat Mitigation Response, Swift Water Rescue, Vehicle and Machinery Rescue. Along with multiple certifications, SATS' team members continue to also provide adult education in courses including OSHA Compliance, SPRAT Certified Training, Technical Rescue and, State of Georgia Fire Academy Program.

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Meredith Burnett WOSB

Meredith brings a creative touch to all SATS mediums and handles the daily operations to keep things running smoothly. Bringing her experience from guiding technical rivers of the Southeast (Chattooga River & Ocoee River) and knowledge of the environment around us through her Applied Science degree, she provides an additional unique perspective to each project.  From SATS literature to onsite quality control, Meredith ensures all things SATS runs smoothly.

Meredith loves getting out to ride her mountain bike, taking time for a down dog on her mat, stopping to pet all her animals, cast a fly in the river, and most importantly her family. Daily, you can find her instructing the youngest of three boys in homeschooling activities while running SATS with a smile on her face.

“I began this journey to ensure our family had additional options when my husband retires from his over two decades of firefighting and to build a sustainable business to pass down to our three boys. It is important to me that SATS never forgets where we started and always provides an excellent service. Running SATS has been a lot of work but hearing the positive feedback about my guys and their work makes it all worth it. We are more than a business, we are family.”

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Jack Burnett Project Coordinator

The development of a Project Coordinator was a crucial step in furthering accountability for risk mitigation on and off site. SATS Project Coordinator, Jack Burnett is a SPRAT Level III certified technician and has over two decades of experience in public safety which furthers SATS confidence in all team member's abilities to bring a true understanding of safety and have the knowledge, along with expertise to perform a successful rescue if necessary.

Jack also brings his 20 plus years as an experienced avid kayaker, rock climber, and outdoorsman. He continues his love for the outdoors through mountain biking, hiking with his wife, and spending summer days on the river. Jack has spent his adult life learning from the best and passionately continues to pass this information on to others.

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SATS Team Memebers

Josh Moreno


Nathan Crowe SPRAT II

Nathan Crowe